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Create a Planner for Sale Using Canva Templates

Are you trying to create and sell a planner online? You can get ready-made Canva templates that can help you create a planner that can be sold online as a digital download product at your own online shop.

Why Use Canva to Design Printables?

Canva is among the best resources to create printables and graphics free of cost and with a lot of ease. You can create fantastic Etsy-style printables with gorgeous colors and images in a few minutes. It is a website that works as a powerful online graphic design tool for millions of people worldwide.

This is a wonderful printable creator for beginners. It has a free plan as well as a premium plan. There are many amazing features in a free plan that can be enough for you to develop eye-catching printables. However, if you want loads of graphics and extra features, it can be worthwhile to use the Canva Pro version.

With Canva Pro, it is possible to create many folders within your account, segment all your designs and manage/organize your projects. You may even share Canva planner templates without giving customers access to the actual designs, which can be very useful while selling the templates.


You can use Canva on a desktop PC, iPhone or iPad, and create printables and other things such as booklets, brochures, graphics for social media platforms like Pinterest and more. Canva can help you create any type of print or web product that you want.

Plenty of Canva planner templates have images and fonts that can be used free of cost. There is also an entire library comprising of free images that can be used for designing printables and calendars. There is no need to use any other software or website for creating your printables! Canva can be enough to help you make sale-ready printables.

For busy people, Canva can be great. It makes designing printables much more convenient. Even if you do not have the time to enroll in a graphic design class or are not tech-savvy enough to design and develop stuff from scratch, Canva is user-friendly enough to help you overcome the learning curve easily. There are enough videos and tutorials online to help you start designing and creating templates. These printables can be excellent as digital downloads.

Canva has actually revolutionized the graphic design world. With some amount of creativity, you can create beautiful templates using its drag and drop interface. You can make them look professional enough to be downloaded and used for home as well as corporate requirements.

With Canva, it can be a breeze to create templates that can be customized by your customers easily. They can even use the templates and printables to create branded downloadable products of their own. The free version has enough features, but you can get even more features when you upgrade to the Pro version – such as brand kits, transparent background, and magic resize.

Printables, as the name indicates, are documents that can easily be printed and used as wished. Printables are used by many people today for planning, organizing and more. Many people use them to create lists or make their own system to organize to-dos, ideas, projects etc. These can be in the form of

  • Financial Planners
  • Calendar Planners
  • Diet/meal planners
  • Project Planners
  • Fitness planners / Trackers

These can also be Checklists, Workbooks, Worksheets, Spreadsheets, Journals or even Coloring sheets and more, and used by children and adults. Today, it is possible to create printables easily with the help of software programs like Canva and sell them online – thus establishing a smart home business or a passive income source or an addition to your line of existing businesses.

The easiest and quickest way to begin selling your printable is to start an Etsy store. This is a site that many people use to sell printables of many types or to sell a planner online.

In case you want more control over your own printable business, it is a good idea to set an online store of your own. For most printable business owners, Shopify is a great resource, although you can also find many other e-commerce options to set up an online store at an affordable cost.

Once you have created a Shopify site or an ETSY shop, create nice product pages. Upload your downloadable printables and add compelling thumbnails that can attract users. Put a price tag beneath each printable and start selling.

It is important to have a look at the kind of printables being sold on Shopify, Etsy and other similar resources and get an idea about the quality that is on offer. Aspire at matching or topping that level of quality, and you will soon have customers eating out of your hands. If others can create and sell printables successfully, surely you can too.

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